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cocktails-in-durbanThe signature red sign beckons and all coffee lovers must heed the call! Café Jiran, sits cool and breezy near waving palm trees opposite the widened pathway of Durban’s Promenade, a stone’s throw from one of the prettiest city beaches on the eastern coast line of Africa. Come and sit under the shade of the olive-green awnings and imagine yourself at any European pavement café at the height of the season. Or join us to meet a friend and sit side by side on our well-upholstered brown leather couches. If you are here to clinch a deal or trade the stock exchange on your laptop: welcome!  But we know the real reason you are here is to enjoy our extraordinary range of coffees!Best-coffee-in-durban

Café Jiran is spacious, well laid out and tastefully furnished. It begins on the shaded pavement, wanders inside to the split-level restaurant which offers firm cane chairs, comfy couches, seating for anything from a romantically inclined couple to a bunchful of conference delegates. The décor is easy on the eye, well lit, creamy ivory walls side with shades of restful green; a water feature gurgles softly and the music is perfect – sophisticated ambient world jazz played at just the right sound level.

So now you’re here, choose your spot and study the menu. The hardest decision of the day will be to identify exactly which of the coffees on offer will meet your mood and your discerning palate – unless of course you are one of our regulars and you’ve already developed your specific addiction! Or perhaps it’s the specialised green teas that attract your attention; that subtle cleansing feeling in the mouth can set up its own craving. Or maybe you need a refreshing and energising freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juice to kick start your system and your brain into activity with a rush of healthy stuff?

Something to nibble? Or a proper meal? Something sweet and decadent? Or a crisp salad? Café Jiran’s expertly devised menu will cater for you; pick and choose for your personal satisfaction whether you are a health nut or an out-and-out indulger.