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The Cultivation of Coffee

peekskill_darkcofee-bagsThe Dutch were the first to begin large-scale cultivation of coffee in 1658 by establishing plantations in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), today more famous for its tea. Later, cuttings were successfully transplanted to Java (Indonesia).

In 1718 the Dutch started growing coffee in Surinam where it soon spread to other South American countries. Today Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico and Ethiopia are amongst the world’s biggest coffee producers.

Meanwhile in Europe, coffee houses were flourishing, laying the foundations of a social habit that has survived for over 400 years. Coffee houses became meeting places to do business, exchange social gossip, plot revolutions, discuss cutting- edge ideas or just sit back and watch the passing parade. It is this tradition of ‘sit down and enjoy life’s abundance’, rather than the commercialized ‘grab-and-run’ of the coffee conglomerates, that we celebrate here at Café Jiran.™

coffee_picking_historicIn 1878 the story of coffee’s journey came full circle when the British introduced plants to British East Africa next door to Ethiopia, where coffee had first been discovered one thousand years earlier and is still revered as something akin to sacred. Ethiopia, the original birthplace of coffee, produces some of the most varied, unique and interesting coffees in the world and remains Africa’s major exporter of Arabica beans, the world’s quality coffee.

Yirgacheffe  beans, the type favoured at Café Jiran™, are grown in the Sidamo district in mountainous regions and at high altitude. Organically grown and hand picked these coffee beans are processed by the "wet method" which results in a light, sweet, fruity acidity and a floral aroma with subdued spice notes.

Yirgacheffe coffee is considered by many as the cream of the crop in Ethiopia and legend has it that it was the only coffee fit for the ancient Ethiopian palace of King Jiran. Every day some 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world. Not bad for a beverage first discovered by a humble goatherd from the village of Jiran who was in need of a little stimulation.